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Bournemouth Rotary Business Partners

A Structured Opportunity to Connect and Engage with the Business Community

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Businesses and Organisations

Something for Rotary, Something for Business




Sponsorship, Support in Kind

Engagement with CSR agendas, Business Membership


A great opportunity for Rotary to Engage

The more we show the successes of Rotary - the more support we will get.




Showing the business community what Rotary does, Rotary Today, Rotary Wessex

Leaflets, Facebook, Twitter, Websites

It is called Marketing with a Cause; business associated with the positive image of Rotary.




For an annual payment of £150.00 (which is tax deductible) we offer a 'Beneficial Publicity Relationship' to our Business Partners. Under the terms of the scheme, only one company or business in each profession will be enrolled by Bournemouth Rotary Club giving that business a unique competitive edge.


We will ensure this payment is used only for our charity work and in return will provide publicity in the following ways:


-          The company's name on Bournemouth Rotary Club promotional materials

-          Link to the company from Rotary Club of Bournemouth’s website

-          Inclusion in Press Releases when appropriate (Daily Echo is a Business Partner)

-          Invitation to selected social events

-          Invitation to a Rotary Club meeting to talk about the business

-          A framed Certificate acknowledging the company's partnership with Bournemouth Rotary


The following organisations are Business Partners of Bournemouth Rotary Club:


Bournemouth Daily Echo

Bournemouth Daily Echo

Terence O'Rourke Limited

Terence O'Rourke Limited

Head & Wheble Funeral Directors

Head & Wheble Funeral Directors

The Mayfair Hotel

The Mayfair Hotel

Globacare Ltd

Globacare Ltd

Avon Cliff Care

Colten Care - Avon Cliff Partnership

For more information about the scheme, please contact:



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